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..i am still here... :)


well, i has been a long time since i wrote the last just has not happend anything that exciting...

 school is going on and i try to feel happy about my familiy situation...sometimes i really just dont want to go in this house and here all the fightings and so on....but sometimes it is okay...

the last few days i had a really bad time, because i had a horrible back was that bad that i cried because of the it is better again...but still not totally good...i really hate feeling ill when you are not at home..i feel so alone and lost then...

i think since i am here i have been trying to opress my feelings and not be too sentimental...but now with the  pain it wasnt possible anymore....

i really miss my beloved fabrizio and my home...

sometimes i dont know what i am doing here...i feel akward...not in the right place...

the exams is getting nearer and nearer and sometimes i feel secure, but one second later i think it will never be possible to pass!

well...i just have to stand all that until june....ohhh i am looking soo forward to going back home!!!

cu you soooon guys....well in june guys

28.4.09 18:26

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