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i am getting on


well... i am heading for the end of the first there are still 11 left...and i have two exams to do and to pass!

 school is getting better every day...the teachers are really easy going and quite good tempered..well most of the time!

 my classmates are not that amazing...and my swiss companions are kind of spoilt kids and boring old ladies...but i am getting on...

my family is really good i guess...i can stay there all day and they are treating me very a member of the family...a special kind of member....but a member

apart of that i am not as horrified of the can buy some good and cheap meals in the stoores and my mother makes eatable plates. just yesterday i got the real awful english food expirience....yiiiaakkk it was absolutly distgusting...but i am getting on

today i did my fist piece of homework...horrible i hate it!but we are obligated to do it...arent we?!!well as i dont have to get up so early i am willing to do it

well then...lets go to bed..see whats up tomorrow....once more a reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaalyyyyy exciiiitttting daaaaaayyyyyyy in westbouuuuuuuuuuuuuurne....THE CITY TO STAY!


2.4.09 00:42

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